Formed out of personal struggle and a determination to have a voice Spoiled Threads fosters a community of empowerment and solidarity with those that go against the grain

Spoiled Threads was formed out of the personal struggle our founder, Winter, faced when he transferred to the University of Southern California. Being treated as an outcast all of his life due to his unique look and alternative style he never fit the carbon copy style of what the university bookstore offered and felt deprived from expressing his joy to be at the university of his dreams because he looked god awful in red and gold and didn’t feel comfortable in apparel that looked like it was designed decades ago. Instead of caving in, he experimented with the concept of empowering the nonconformist by spray painting denim jackets with "University of Spoiled Children" slogans, a rebuttal to the sea of Gucci sneakers and Goyard bags to regain empowerment. Within a month, he was selling out of his backpack, turning heads, and proving this was more than a concept, it was a movement. His failure to conform and undetermined conviction to have a voice gave way to the structure and community that Spoiled Threads is now built on.

In alignment with his struggle, we made it an integral part of Spoiled Threads that a portion of all proceeds be donated to local mental teenage health organizations in Los Angeles to foster a community of empowerment and solidarity.