Administration shares new “HD Zoom backgrounds” for online semester as compensation for 3.5% tuition raise

Abandoned Campus USC depicting Online Zoom University

Compensation for 3.5% tuition raise

Schools all over the nation have begun the transition to online learning, but the University of Southern California has taken this a step further by offering HD Zoom backgrounds for their students to utilize in the upcoming semester. New backgrounds include fan favorites such as the New North Stairs Covered in Puke, Colosseum Bathroom on Game-day, and Olivia Jade’s Abandoned Dorm Room. Administrators claim that “these backgrounds allow our students to feel as if they are right back on campus”. USC is also offering specialized backgrounds for incoming freshmen so they can have an introduction to campus life. These additional backgrounds include Strangers Staring at You While You Come Up With a Fun Fact, Awkwardly Standing In Line By Yourself at a Welcome Week Event, and 3am Existential Crisis in Your Dorm Where You Question the Purpose of a College Education. With these new and exciting online experiences in place, USC hopes students will be able to have the best transition to online learning possible.